Consultant Network

The regulatory and market challenges confronting health care and life sciences companies are often too complex for one person, working in one discipline, to solve. That’s where we come in.

EBG Advisors offers a mix of professional talent—from physicians who have run medical policy and health plans, to former members of federal regulatory agencies, to the former Acting Administrator for the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Also among our industry leaders are financial experts, actuaries, professionals with engineering backgrounds who work on medical device manufacturing issues, legal experts, and others with an extensive knowledge of the wide array of problems that health care and life sciences clients face.

We realize that solutions are achievable only when our trusted advisors collaborate effectively, which is why we developed special management practices that allow our experts to work in alignment.

From our large network, we build a team customized to you and your needs, offering a single source of solutions with one point of contact.

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