Federal mental health and substance use disorder parity regulations are some of the most complex and sweeping regulations ever imposed on the health insurance and managed care industry. Both the fragmentation of enforcement and varying interpretations across jurisdictions have made it difficult for health plans and insurers to create and implement effective parity compliance programs. Nonetheless, the parity law and regulations do not have to be a barrier to the implementation of effective medical and network management, and an effective enterprise-wide parity compliance program provides the framework for confident, responsive, and streamlined operations. EBG Advisors stands ready to help health plans and issuers implement a parity compliance program that not only assembles the documentation needed for regulators and protects against litigation but also facilitates the modernization and effective management of behavioral health benefits.

EBG Advisors provides a diverse network of national experts for payers in building a modern parity compliance program and, if desired, navigate the newly available ClearHealth Quality Institute™ (“CHQI”) parity accreditation process. (Attaining accreditation allows payers to fast-track product approvals and differentiate themselves on the basis of their compliance program and accreditation.) The EBG Advisors team includes consultants who have played leadership roles in federal parity policy, former executives for health plans and third-party administrators, and clinicians who have held leadership roles in health plan operations and clinical benefit management.