Industry Leaders

EBG Advisors understands the dynamics of the health care and life sciences, financial services, hospitality, retail, and technology, media, and telecommunications industries and can provide customized, creative, and practical solutions to your business problems.

For health care and life sciences companies, EBG Advisors has a far-reaching network of experts capable of supporting client innovations, from ideation to implementation. Our network offers a mix of professional talent—from physicians who have run medical policy and health plans to former members of federal regulatory agencies and the former Acting Administrator for the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services.  Also among our industry leaders are financial experts, actuaries, professionals with engineering backgrounds who work on medical device manufacturing issues, legal experts, and others with an extensive knowledge of the wide array of problems that health care and life sciences clients face.

For companies that need assistance in meeting their workforce management goals, EBG Advisors’ workforce management experts bring a depth of experience on executive compensation and benefits issues, sensitive workplace investigations, harassment and discrimination prevention, executive coaching, and business change and transformation.

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