Carlton E. Wynter Jr., Ph.D. is a Strategic Consultant with EBG Advisors, Inc.  Dr. Wynter's clients include community-based providers, insurers, hospitals, and primary care providers. His areas of expertise include primary care delivery system development, third party reimbursement, EHR/IT, access issues, and safety net hospitals. He has also worked in support of revenue cycle management at community and teaching hospitals.

As a result of new initiatives created by healthcare reform, Dr. Wynter works to create and implement primary care delivery and payment systems. He co-developed the national training program on reimbursement and cost management for federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grantee primary care providers. He is using his experience with primary care providers to explore new care delivery models, especially as they provide coordinated and integrated care both within a provider organization and between networked organizations. His experience with community-based providers supports efforts to bridge the gaps between different types and cultures of primary care providers. His experience with primary care reimbursement at both teaching hospitals and federally qualified health centers provides support to providers seeking to develop care delivery and payment systems consistent with the ‘medical home’ model.

Additionally, Dr. Wynter assists primary care providers in strategic planning, needs analysis, geo-analysis, and financial and reimbursement systems design. For minority, immigrant, and historically underserved communities, Dr. Wynter assesses disparities, service needs, utilization of federal and local funding sources, and service design. He provides specialized support in the implementation of health care funding through the federal Section 330 program, including both application readiness support and funding implementation.

Representative Experience

Dr. Wynter has worked extensively with hospitals, especially those providing services to underserved communities, in finance and third party revenue enhancement. Services have included analyses of charges, billing, and managed care financial systems. Revenue cycle management projects have included review of billing, collection, receivables management, and Medicare bad debt recovery. Dr. Wynter is particularly experienced with urban providers serving high Medicare, Medicaid and uninsured populations.

Dr. Wynter has served as assistant professor of health care management at New York University.


  • Princeton University  (Ph.D.)
  • Columbia University  (B.A.)

Memberships & Affiliations

Dr. Wynter is on the board of the New York Association for Ambulatory Care.