Schooner Strategies and EBG Advisors Launch RegQuest™

July 30, 2015

Online Regulatory Compliance Guide Focuses on Medical Management Regulations

Annapolis, MD / PRWeb / July 30, 2015 – Schooner Strategies, a national consulting firm specializing in regulatory affairs, communications, research and accreditation, in partnership with EBG Advisors, announces RegQuest™, a new resource that will provide health plans, regulators and others with invaluable information regarding current medical management regulations and laws.


RegQuest™, Your Regulatory Compliance Guide, details many of the business, legal and regulatory forces directly impacting the medical management system, including new requirements adopted under the Affordable Care Act. In addition, this guide serves as the definitive resource for detailing how regulatory and business trends are affecting medical management practices.

The launch will feature state and federal regulations regarding the practice of utilization management (UM). Over the past year, Schooner has partnered with EBG Advisors to update this detailed survey of UM requirements. Each state will have its own section, featuring information on the scope, regulatory contact information, licensure requirements, program requirements, reviewer qualifications, appeals process and other relevant information.

“We are extremely excited to introduce this informative resource into the marketplace,” said Garry Carneal, JD, MA, President and CEO of Schooner Strategies. “Our hope is to provide easy to understand summaries of key medical management regulations.” In fact, this is the first time that the state and federal requirements for UM have been updated in a comprehensive reference guide since they were published as the Utilization Management Guide Third Edition in 2005 under Carneal during his tenure as President and CEO of URAC.

Throughout the remainder of 2015, additional regulatory modules will be uploaded onto the site, including:

  • External Review
  • Administrative Appeals and Grievance Procedures
  • Case Management
  • Other Specialty Programs

Each module will provide a detailed description of current state and federal regulations, including Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA and the Department of Labor Guidelines. Discounts will be available for organizations that purchase more than one license and for users who subscribe to more than one module.

“RegQuest is a must-have resource for all stakeholders who require a better understanding of how to comply with state and federal laws impacting health plans and issues regarding medical management and coverage determination,” notes Bob Atlas, MBA,  President of EBG Advisors. “In addition, this Compliance Guide is essential for providers, consumer advocates and others who need to file an appeal and better understand what their rights and responsibilities are during the process.”

For subscription information and samples of the regulatory documentation available, please click here. Contact us for special discounts for multiple licenses, consumer advocacy groups and regulators.

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About RegQuest

RegQuest™ is an online regulatory compliance guide that provides health plans, regulators and others with invaluable information regarding current regulations and laws. This resource was created in conjunction with Schooner Strategies and EBG Advisors with private funding.

The launch features state and federal regulations for utilization management (UM) and will expand to include external/independent review, administrative appeals/grievance procedures, case management and other specialty programs. Each state in the module will have its own section, featuring information on the scope, regulatory contact information, licensure requirements, program requirements, reviewer qualifications, appeals process and other relevant information.  

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