Grey Partners Joins EBG Advisors as a Managed Care and Data Analytics Trusted Advisor

October 4, 2013

Washington, DC (October 4, 2013) — EBG Advisors, Inc., is pleased to announce that Grey Partners, LLC, has joined EBG Advisors as a trusted advisor.

Grey Partners will provide managed care services to health care providers to enable them to have the people, process, and technology in place to ensure revenue optimization, profit maximization, and achievement of on-going operational excellence. Grey Partners services are supported by a very powerful structured data analytics application with customized dashboard capabilities that assembles and interrogates all health care related data. 

“Kurt Kozin and his team at Grey Partners will provide enhanced services to our health care clients with their proprietary data analytics platforms," said Mark Lutes, President of EBG Advisors. “We look forward to working collaboratively with them on future projects.”

“We are able to provide resources, technology, and experience needed to level the playing field to ensure clients are reimbursed in a fair and equitable manner.  We are pleased to be able to bring this information to EBG Advisors and their clients,” said Kurt Kozin, Managing Partner of Grey Partners.

About EBG Advisors, Inc.

EBG Advisors, Inc., is a Washington, D.C. based consultancy that takes a multi-disciplinary approach to helping health care and life sciences companies navigate the many obstacles that they face. EBG Advisors is a network of international attorneys, policy analysts, strategists and other professionals who specialize in providing coordinated guidance and solutions across various segments of the health care industry. Our trusted advisors can show you the optimal path to take a medical device to market, create policy solutions, navigate FDA regulations and achieve other key objectives. Please visit to learn more about EBG Advisors.

About Grey Partners, LLC

Grey Partners superior applied analytics platform, consulting, extended business office, and revenue recovery services to all types of providers. Founders have over 100 years of healthcare management experience, successfully providing superior results through state-of-art technology and knowledge.

Grey allow providers to have an advantage over the payers because the majority of our experience has been developed and learned on behalf of many of the largest payers in the healthcare field. Our managed care and revenue cycle executives’ couple with the most advance analytical platform in the industry provides, our partners with increased system wide visibility and enhanced measureable results. For more information, visit